Body Polish with Walnut Shell

Sunfx Body Polish uniquely combines walnut shell and pumice to create an exfoliating body scrub that is amazingly effective at removing dry and dead skin making it the perfect pre-tan preparation.

The rich emollient properties of Sunfx Body Polish means that only a minimal amount is required for a full body exfoliation. A tub of Sunfx Body Polish goes a very long way.

It features a beautiful aroma and leaves your skin feeling beautifully smooth and soft.

Available: 200ml Tube

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Body Shimmer with Macadamia Oil

A truly beautiful tan is enhanced by the application of Sunfx Body Shimmer.

This beautiful crème creates a subtle shimmer and makes your tan look even richer. Made with a unique combination of ultra-hydrating, nourishing shea butter, sweet almond oil and macadamia oil, it will leave your skin feeling fresh and invigorated and glowing like never before.

It has a beautiful aroma and is designed to for special occasions or everyday use.

Available: 200ml Tube

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Body Lotion / Tan Extender with Almond Oil

Having a stunning, natural looking tan is highly desirable. It is also desirable that that tan should last. Sunfx BODY LOTION Tan Extender – as the name suggests – extends the effective life of any spray on tan.

It does this through a blend of natural extracts of almond oil, olive oil and restorative shea butter. Combined in our unique formula these extracts deeply hydrate your skin, reducing the amount of tanning loss that occurs as skin cells die and fall off.

It has a wonderfully fresh aroma and leaves the skin feeling simply amazing.

Available: 200ml Tube

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